The First Wedding Day Weather Report
Created by wedding industry professionals and meteorologists using 30 years of historical weather data to create a customized report. Designed so you can make the best of your wedding day regardless of climate conditions by planning ahead of time. 

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How does it work?

Whether your wedding will be happening in 2 years or 2 Months, indoors or outdoors, our long range forecasts

included in your Wedding Day Weather Report will help you plan your wedding accurately showing you predictions of wind, rainfall, UV index and

even expected foliage changes so that you plan your wedding around the weather conditions.

Step 1

Select A Date Range

We recommend starting your report 3 days before your wedding day!

Step 2

Select Your Venue

Our reports will research and provide you with the last 30 years of weather conditions within a 10-mile radius of the wedding venue.

Step 3

Check Your Email

Make sure to share it with your friends, family and wedding vendors!

Step 4

Plan your wedding!

Inside you will find insights on how to plan your wedding around the expected weather!


Included your

Wedding Day Weather Report


Regional Climate Insights

Temperature highs and lows rarely change drastically over the years; your Wedding Day Weather Report will help you plan ahead to ensure you make the best of the weather no matter what is expected!

Wedding Dress Material Recommendations

Using historical weather data, Ironic Reports has created a guide for the best wedding dress materials you should use to stay comfortable and fashionable on your wedding day. 

Historical Humidity

Calculated by reviewing historical data and long range forecasts with the goal of helping you and your guests battle frizzy hair or ruined makeup while staying comfortable. Factors such as dew point, wind speed, temperature and humidity will all be showcased to help you choose the perfect look. 

Evening Wear and Dress Material Recommendations

The report will include fabric and clothing material recommendations for your guests’ attire, which will outline options so that your guests have suggestions according to the weather predicted. 

Suit and Tux Material Recommendations

Ironic Reports will provide you with a guide about the best suit and tuxedo fabric and materials to wear, along with garment construction to help you put together the perfect wedding outfit. 

Historical Wind Rating

The wind factor could be one of the most important weather elements to consider, as it could potentially determine decisions such as hairstyle, attire and decor. Avoid any safety risks caused by the wind by taking a few measurements of precaution. 

UV Index & Risks

Avoid potential sunburns and dehydration by preparing yourself and your guests for expected UV exposure. 

Chance of Rain Fall Per Week

Don’t get caught off guard by unexpected rainfall. Our team of meteorologists will provide insight about the chance of rainfall per week and the possibility of precipitation in your special day, so that you are prepared. 

Cosmetics Tips

Your report will include makeup tips according to dew point, humidity, wind speed and temperature. 

Ironic Hair Index

Style your hair according to weather conditions. We will provide you with insights such as dew point, humidity, wind speed and temperature so that you can choose the perfect hairstyle for the occasion. 


From venue flower arrangements to bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, your Wedding Day Weather Report will include detailed recommendations about flowers in season that will add a beautiful touch to your wedding day.


Allergy Risks

Our expert analysts have created custom recommendations of allergy risks according to the season and weather conditions, so that you and your guests are aware about taking extra precautions. 

Seasonal Wedding Cake Icing

Because nobody likes melted cake frosting, your Wedding Day Weather Report will include recommendations about the type of icing you should use to avoid a cake disaster. 

Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes

More than a meteorology forecast, the Wedding Day Weather Report will provide you with recipes and drink suggestions for your guests.  

Seasonal Wine Recommendations

Enjoy excellent wine recommendations as suggested by expert sommeliers. 

Seasonal Beer Recommendations

We have compiled advice from bartenders to provide you with seasonal beer recommendations to provide great beverages for your guests.  



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Just ordered mine! Thanks for the tip.

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Haha! Thank you! I know you can use but this offers SO much more & it’s so cool!

- Kyleign Carson

Super helpful for my destination wedding!  

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"After I ordered the report and read the results I literally started tearing up from feeling so relieved!! How have brides been without this for so long?! - Sarah Hervieux 

Sarah Hervieux 

"A wedding is hectic enough, Ironic was so helpful for me and my partner to have practical insights when planning." 

Christina Boemio 

We used Ironic to figure out when and where to have our dream wedding. it was such a simple, insightful, and relieving experience. 

Regina & Kyle

With how unpredictable weather can be in Texas, it was so reassuring knowing what to expect when planning for a client's outdoor reception

Sarah Wintersteen

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